Super cartoon All-Stars 1

Super cartoon All-Stars 1

Super Cartoon All-Stars requested by Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films and Drawn by Alvin&TheChipmunksRulez, Muppet Tunes Babies Captain Pictures, Fantasy Films, and ToonJoey34/ToonFanJoey Productions.


After the heroes were overwhelmed by the villains new powers, the gang decide to step up with new weapons, upgrades, and new powers to turn the tide on the Super Sentai Villains.


  • Digimon Adventure 1 & 2: Digidestines' new look and their partners with old and new Digivolutions.
  • The Adventures of T-Rex: Purple rex with power eyes, Green rex with Super Tail, Pink rex with Power arms, Blue rex with Huge legs, and yellow rex with Big Helmet.
  • Bucky O’ Hare: Power-up Weapons
  • Freddie as f.r.o.7: Powerful Mind
  • Pound Puppies movie: Big Paw and puppy power
  • Get Along Gang: Present members meet their ancestors.
  • Care bears and Cousins: New Looks
  • Binkz the Cat: New Powers
  • Cats Don't Dance: Superstar Moves
  • Daniel and Jane Mouse: New Bandmates
  • Alf and his High tech Saucer
  • All Dogs go to Heaven: Charlie and the Gang with Angel powers and Gabrielle's Horn
  • Easter Fever: Jack equipped with Easter Boomerangs and Eggbombs.