Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Two of a Kind (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Two of a Kind (TV Series)

Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Two of a Kind (TV Series) is the third Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures TV series planned by Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films. It's unknown if the show will be shown on YouTube.


All episodes of Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures of Two of a Kind (TV Series) are followed in every Chipmunks Tunes Babies & All-Stars' Adventures movie By Cartoon All-Stars Heroes Fantasy Films.

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production


1 "Putting Two N Two Together" Gil Junger Howard Adler & Robert Griffard September 25, 1998 475140
Mary-Kate and Ashley are fed up with having a babysitter, especially if it's their elderly neighbor, Mrs Baker. But when they meet Carrie - one of Kevin's students - they are determined to convince him to hire her. So they devise a plan to get their elderly neighbors, Mr Fillmore and Mrs Baker, interested in each other. That way, Mrs Baker will no longer be able to babysit. But Kevin has his doubts about hiring Carrie and thinks that it's more practical to have Mrs Baker babysit Mary-Kate and Ashley.
2 "Prelude to a Kiss" Gil Junger Dan Cross & David Hoge September 25, 1998 467802

Ashley becomes jealous when, during a slumber party, Mary-Kate reveals that she has kissed a boy. Also, after Paul finds out that Carrie spent the night at Kevin's house, he assumes their relationship is more than it actually is which leads to rumors about a more personal "teacher-student relationship".

Note: Although this episode aired prior to "The Tutor", the events of that episode came before "Prelude to a Kiss". Ashley admits to having a crush on Taylor, even though he wasn't hired until "The Tutor".

3 "The Tutor" Richard Correll Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes October 2, 1998 467801
Kevin hires a math tutor for Mary-Kate. Ashley convinces Mary-Kate to switch places, so that she can flirt with the cute teenage tutor and she can focus on Basketball. But their scheme doesn't go as planned. Meanwhile, Carrie convinces Kevin to ask out a woman at a coffee shop.
4 "First Crush" Gil Junger Howard Adler & Robert Griffard October 9, 1998 467803
Ashley gets assigned Pokey Valentine, her crush, as her partner for a history project. After learning that he is spending time with Mary-Kate, Ashley is furious. The twins set up a trap to catch the alleged two-timer with surprising results.
5 "Breaking Them Up is Hard to Do" Richard Correll Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes October 16, 1998 467806
Mary-Kate and Ashley become worried about losing Carrie when their father, Kevin, starts dating a woman named Marci. So, to prevent that from happening, they come up with a plan to get Marci to dump Kevin.
6 "Nightmare on Carrie's Street" Richard Correll Fred Rubin October 23, 1998 467805
Mary-Kate and Ashley switch costumes with Max and Brian, so that they can attend Carrie's Halloween party, from which they were banned by Kevin.
7 "The Heartbreak Kid" Richard Correll Jillian Tohber November 6, 1998 467807
Mary-Kate wants to get a pet, but she's had bad experiences with animals in the past, which makes Kevin a bit worried. So Carrie and Mary-Kate buy a homing pigeon, thinking this pet will actually stay alive. Meanwhile, Ashley is heartbroken when she finds out her crush, Taylor, has a girlfriend.
8 "You've Got a Friend" Richard Correll Dan Cross & David Hoge November 13, 1998 4678078
Ashley makes a new friend, Nicole, leaving Mary-Kate feeling left out in the cold. Meanwhile, Eddie and Kevin's friendship is in trouble when Carrie tries to be a mediator during an argument.
9 "Model Behavior" Richard Correll Tom Amundsen November 20, 1998 4678079
Ashley is excited when a model search for a teen magazine takes place at their school, but Mary-Kate is chosen over Ashley.
10 "Peeping Twins" Gil Junger Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin November 27, 1998 467804
After Kevin buys them a new telescope, Mary-Kate and Ashley snoop on their neighbors. They think that they witness their neighbor, kindly old Mrs. Baker, murder her elderly boyfriend, Mr. Fillmore. The situation gets even scarier for the twins when Kevin asks Mrs. Baker to babysit them, while he goes to a jazz concert with Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie hears Kevin play the saxophone, and encourages him to perform for audiences, just like he did previously.
11 "A Very Carrie Christmas" Richard Correll R. Lee Fleming, Jr. December 11, 1998 467811
Carrie accepts Kevin's invitation to spend Christmas with him and the girls. Carrie brings a homeless man, Walter, as her guest to Christmas dinner. Sometime during dinner, everyone is shocked to find out that Walter stole all their gifts. But they appreciate it when they learn the truth about why he did it.
12 "Let's Dance" Richard Correll Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes January 8, 1999 467810
Mary-Kate and Ashley prepare for their first school dance. Mary-Kate wants to dance with Jeremy, but he tells her that he only knows how to swing dance. Carrie teaches Mary-Kate how to swing dance. At the dance, however, Mary-Kate learns that Jeremy doesn't know how to dance at all - he lied to her because he wanted to impress her, and have an excuse for actually asking her out to the dance. Meanwhile, Kevin chaparones the dance.
13 "Split Decision" Richard Correll Chip Keyes January 15, 1999 467812
Mary-Kate and Ashley begin arguing more frequently, which causes them to move into separate rooms. They soon learn that they miss each other, and move back into the same room. Meanwhile, Kevin's doctor and Carrie begin dating. Soon, she thinks that her new love interest wears a bra, which leads to embarrassing moments for both Kevin and Carrie.
14 "My Boyfriend's Back" Richard Correll Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin January 29, 1999 467813
Carrie's ex-boyfriend, Alex Reardon, is back in town, and Carrie feels that she must make herself look as successful as he is. Carrie convinces Kevin to pretend to be Carrie's fiance to make Alex jealous. On the same night when Carrie and Kevin are out, the twins have a party that doesn't go quite as planned.
15 "No Man's Land" Richard Correll Dan Cross & David Hoge February 12, 1999 467814
Mary-Kate is forced to teach Ashley all about sports when she develops a crush on Eric, an avid sports fan. Meanwhile, Kevin must apologize to Carrie when he causes waves in their "friendship".
16 "Carrie Moves In" Richard Correll Fred Rubin February 19, 1999 467815
After being evicted from her apartment, due to Kevin not mailing in her rent check, Carrie discovers his basement, and offers to help transform it into her own apartment. But when the cost is too high, a dispute occurs between Carrie and Kevin, causing both of them to spend some time alone, and re-think about what to do. Meanwhile, Mary-Kate likes a boy in her karate class, but debates whether or not she should let him win when they face each other in a match.
17 "Mr. Right Under Your Nose" Jason Bateman Dan Cross & David Hoge February 26, 1999 467816
After failing to raise all the money that was promised for her school fundraiser, Mary-Kate convinces Ashley to gamble the money that she did earn on a basketball game, in order to double her money, but it doesn't go exactly according to plan. Meanwhile, Carrie begins to feel jealous when Kevin ends up having a good time dating her best friend, Nancy. Now, Carrie has to figure out her true feelings for Kevin before it's too late.
18 "Welcome Matt" Ted Wass Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes March 12, 1999 467817
Kevin is not pleased when his lazy brother, Matt (David Lascher), comes to visit. Kevin knows his brother is immature and unreliable, which becomes increasingly clear after an incident at a hockey game - or does it?
19 "The Odd Couples" Joel Zwick Tom Amundsen March 19, 1999 467818
Mary-Kate and Ashley have been paired up with male partners for a school assignment, in order to learn about marriage. Meanwhile, Carrie starts dating Matt, despite Kevin's advice to the contrary.
20 "When a Man Leaves a Woman" Charles H. Siegel Dan Cross & David Hoge March 26, 1999 467820
Kevin realizes that he is bored with his inhibited girlfriend, Nancy, and agonizes over how to end the relationship. However, when he tries, Nancy misinterprets him, and becomes even more serious about him. Meanwhile, knowing how much Mary-Kate loved horseback-riding when her mother was alive, Carrie invites her to come along for a ride. Mary-Kate declines, puzzling Kevin. Also, Ashley gets into trouble when she secretly orders a handbag for Jennifer's party over the Internet using Kevin's credit card without his permission.
21 "The Goodbye Girl" Richard Correll Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes April 2, 1999 467821
Carrie has plans for a spontaneous journey through South America for the summer. Before she leaves, the twins trick Kevin and Carrie into having dinner together at a restaurant. At the airport, Kevin is disappointed to see that Carrie is traveling to South America with a classmate. In the end, Carrie kisses Kevin, and then boards the plane.
22 "Kevin Burke's Day Off" Richard Correll Chip Keyes July 9, 1999 467819

To be accepted as a member of the cheerleading squad, Ashley must pull a mean prank on Mary-Kate's new friend, Gabrielle. Ashley soon learns that nothing is worth doing something so mean to another person. Meanwhile, Carrie convinces Kevin to take a day off from work, and the two go to a ballgame together. But what will Kevin's boss say when he finds out?

Note: This episode premiered in July as a burn off, three months after the show's actual finale "The Goodbye Girl" aired in April.

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  • Alvin Seville, Baby Bugs Bunny, Baby Kermit, Winnie The Pooh, Tiana, Charlie Brown, and all characters will guest star in this show.